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The Programs


  • By Various / 60min / Mix / Colour, B&W
  • Original Title : Anima-Shorts


  Body UK, Bulgaria / 2009 / 4min / DVD / Colour Director: Zhivko Dimitrov   Inspired by phenomenology and the role of the human body in shaping perceptions of reality, BODY follows the journey of a fictional character in search for answers to the grand questions of life, the universe, and everything. The character sets off on a voyage through space in a fantasy world made up of organic, body matter. Under the eye stars, through the finger corals and in between the lip raindrops he discovers a reality constructed from the human body. Just when his journey takes him to the heart of the world, where the laws and regularities governing the mechanics of the fantasy reality become apparent, he wakes up in his real world that is a diametrical opposite – instead of a reality made up of bodies, he encounters bodies made up of inanimate objects. Unable to relate to these urban creatures, the character escapes back to nature, where a mysterious woman could be holding the key to the coveted answers, uniting his journey through reality to his journey to himself.   The Carnivorous Flower Spain / 2009 / 9min / Beta SP / Colour Director: Maria Lorenzo   A woma alone at her house. A man, or maybe two. A Venus Flytrap. Canivorous flowers die when they chase... But not all of them.   The Competitiva Spain / 2009 / 20min / Beta SP / Colour Directors: Hernan Cieza, Adriana Delfino   In La Competativa, two factory workers go from being rivals on the work floor to becoming rivals in the field of love as they vie for the attention of the lovely lunch lady. The contest slowly spins out of control as the two become bolder in their amorous quests.   House Guest UK, Canada / 2008 / 15min / DV Cam / Colour Director: Ben Mitchell   When a recently-deceased duck is brought back to life, he sets out to exact an atypical revenge on the hunter who shot him. A thrilling tale of Man vs. Anatidae, exploring the power of emotional blackmail, psychological manipulation and interspecies romance!   Indoor Western Belgium / 2008 / 1min / Beta SP / B&W Director: Ivan Willockx   From the makers of “indoor-skiing & indoor snowboarding” Now coming to you soon: “Indoor Western”:The ultimate experience.   A Polish winter Ireland / 2009 / 4min / DVD / Colour Directors: Shane Sheils, Paula Sheils   A Polish Winter is a moving tribute to the children who perished in Nazi death camps during the Holocaust.   Wherever You Go There You Are  Portugal / 2009 / 2min / Beta SP / Colour, B&W Director: Sara Barbas   A little girl, a woman, and an old lady are all in constant movement. They live their own simple journeys that culminate together in one unique and revealing story ending.         Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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