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The Programs


  • France / 2010-2015 / 65min / Colour
  • Original Title : BEST OF ANNECY: YOUNG AUDIENCE 2010-2015


1. Plato France / 2010 / 8min / Bluray / Colour Original Title: Plato Language: No Dialogue Director: Léonard Cohen Synopsis Falling from a height, straight sommersaults, high altitudes and zig-zagging lines. Little chap, where is your cube? Between the distortion of reality and the rigour of imagination, welcome to "Plato".   2. Le Jardin Enchanté  France / 2011 / 4min Original Title: Le Jardin Enchanté  Language: French Director: Viviane Karpp Synopsis Alain, a hardened environmentalist, settles into his new house along with his musical plants and animals. Mr X lives nearby.   3. Premier Automne France / 2012 / 10min Original Title: Premier Automne Language: No Dialogue Director: Aude Danset, Carlos de Carvalho Synopsis Abel lives in winter. Apolline lives in the summer. Isolated in their "natures", they never meet. Both will have to learn compromise for the well-being of the other.   4. 5 Mètres 80  France / 2012 / 5min Original Title: 5 Mètres 80  Language: No Dialogue Director: Nicolas Deveaux Synopsis A herd of giraffes embarks on a series of acrobatic high dives at a deserted Olympic swimming pool.   5. The Big Beast France / 2013 / 6min Original Title: La Grosse Bête Language: French Director: Pierre- Luc Granjon Synopsis Throughout the kingdom a legend says that a huge beast will come to eat you when you least expect it.                 6. Ascension 3D France / 2013 / 7min Original Title: Ascension Language: No Dialogue Director: Thomas Bourdis, Caroline Domergue, Martin de Coudenhove, Colin Laubry, Florian Vecchione Synopsis In the early years of the 20th century, two climbers make the traditional ascent, carrying a statue of the Virgin Mary to the top of the mountain.   7. Anatole's Little Saucepan France / 2014 / 6min Original Title: La Petite Casserole d'Anatole Language: French Director: Éric Montchaud Synopsis Anatole is always dragging his little pan behind him. It fell on him one day, for no reason. Ever since, it gets caught everywhere and prevents him from going forward. Anatole is fed up, so he hides. Luckily, things are not that simple.   8. The Mitten France / 2014 / 9min Original Title: La Moufle Language: No Dialogue Director: Clémentine Robach Synopsis It's snowing. Lily and her grandfather are making a little bird house to help the birds survive the winter. "But where will the other animals in the garden go for shelter?", asks the little girl.   9. Tigers Tied Up in One Rope France / 2014 / 8min Original Title: Tigres à La Queue Leu Leu Language: French Director: Benoît Chieux Synopsis An extremely lazy boy is scolded by his mother who can no longer bear to watch him do nothing but eat and sleep all day long. He finally decides to get a job and reveals unexpected sources of imagination, creativity and perseverance.   10. Captain 3D France / 2015 / 3min Original Title: Captain 3D Language: No Dialogue Director: Victor Haegelin Synopsis When Captain 3D puts on his 3D glasses, he discovers a new world where he must save the most charming young ladies from the scariest monsters that only exist in our favourite comic. 

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