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The Programs

Short Wave Programme 2

  • By Various / 114min / Mix / Colour, B&W
  • Original Title : Short Wave Programme 2


  AutosuggestionGreece / 2008 / 12min / 35mm / ColourDirectors: Vasilis Siafakas, Chrysa Kalfi   Living isolated in an old, abandoned house, a man is trying to survive, without realizing that he constantly balances on a thin line which separates sense from madness, life from death and love from hate.   HomeItaly / 2009 / 15min / DVD / ColourDirector: Filippi Francesco   A woman enter a mysterious spooky house, which changes looks depending on what she touches, or, better, depending on what she… clicks! Dealing with a computer for the first time can be scary, expecially for people who grew up in the pre-computer age. Home is shot with a webcam.   Kissing FacesSingapore / 2009 / 11min / miniDV / ColourDirector: Wesley Leon Aroozoo   Awaiting a kiss, I close my eyes. Oblivious to everything.   NekroPhlippines / 2008 / 19min / DVD / ColourDirector: Cj Andluz   A MAn. A Funeral Home. A room full of flesh. And the consequences of pushing the limits of desire.   FlashedScotland / 2008 / 5min / Beta SP / ColourDirector: Julian Krubasik   A macabre and sinister tale of a man’s strange obsession with a passport photo booth.   Until The Morning ComesIndonesia / 2009 / 23min / Beta SP / ColourDirectors: Lucky Kuswandy, Moonaya   Lovers spend their last days togather. Click In FearBurma, Thailand / 2009 / 13min / DVD / ColourDirector: Saikyaw Khaing   A Karen photojournalist who took photo of monks peaceful demonstration in the street of Rangoon in September 2007, recalled his experience at that time and how he fled the country. Kitchen SinkPhilipines / 2008 / 17min / miniDV / ColourDirectors: Seymour Barroz Sanchez, Ginalyn DullaKitchen Sink covers significant dates concerning the philippines' relationship with the USA. Parallel to these events is the story of a young woman and crazy woman who both fell in love with the same American soldier. Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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