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The Programs

Shortwave Programme 1

  • International / 102min
  • Original Title : Shortwave Programme 1
  • Genre : Short


1. Kanun Belgium / 2015 / 27min Original Title: Kanun Genre: Drama Language: French, Albanian Director: Sandra Fassio Synopsis Under the Kanun, the ancestral Albanian code, men are obliged to avenge the death of a family member by the death of the murderer. But another part of the code requires respect and protection of the house's guests, as if they were family. Now Adil has agreed to accommodate Johan, one of his henchman, for the night. 2. Ants Apartment Kurdistan, Iraq / 2014 / 11min Original Title: Koshki Melurekan Genre: Drama Language: Kurdish Director: Tofigh Amani Synopsis This story is about a threesome family that lives in the Ants apartment in one of the deserts of Iraq. One day a strange thing happens that changes their… 3. Free Falling Thailand / 2015 / 53min Original Title: Fon Sud Taai Language: Thai Genre: Documentary, Drama Director: Namfon Udomlertlak Synopsis A docu-fiction dwelling on self-discovery and exploring the notion of reality and its ambiguities in both the real and the virtual world, “Free Falling” traces the journey of a young women who uses the making of the film to investigate the relationship between herself and her family and to understand the complexities involved before telling her parents about her life’s decision. 4. The Young Man Who Came From Chee River Thailand / 2015 / 16min Original Title: Jer Gun Muer Rao Jer Gun Genre: Drama Language: Thai, Isan Director: Wichanon Somunjarn   Synopsis Golf works as a debt collector in Khon Kaen. One day he wakes up early to go to work as usual. He meets many people, including a desperate man in debt who falls critically ill. The situation forces Golf to weigh his professional duty and his moral sense against each other.

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