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The Programs

Mune, The Guardian Of The Moon

  • France / 2014 / 86min / DCP / Colour
  • Original Title : Mune, le Gardien de la Lune
  • Language : French
  • Genre : Animation, Fantasy
  • Director : Alexandre Heboyan, Benoit Philippon
  • Screenwriter : Jerome Fansten, Benoit Philippon
  • Editor : Isabelle Malenfant
  • Cast : Omar Sy, Izia Higelin, Michael Gregorio (Voice)


Mune, a mischievous faun, is chosen to be the Guardian of the Moon. While Mune is naïve and gentle, his counterpart Sohone; the Guardian of the Sun, is arrogant and brash, but the two must work together to keep the balance of the world. When Mune makes a mistake Sohone goes to sort out the problem all the while leaving the sun unguarded. It is only later to his horror Sohone notices that the sun has been stolen! Mune and Sohone must work together to journey to the underworld to bring the sun back and to restore balance to the world.

How much time left before the festival starts?

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