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The Programs

The Hamsters

  • Mexico / 2014 / 71min / DCP / Colour
  • Original Title : Los Hamsters
  • Language : Spanish
  • Genre : Drama, Family
  • Director : Gil Gonzalez
  • Screenwriter : Gil Gonzalez, Carlos Rodriguez
  • Cinematographer : Juan Pablo Ramirez
  • Editor : Pablo Fulgueira, Gil Gonzalez
  • Cast : Gisela Madrigal, Hoze Melendez, Angel Norzagaray


Rodolfo and Beatriz are the parents of teenagers Jessica and Juan. Together they form a perfect dysfunctional family. Rodolfo leaves for work every day, but he’s really unemployed. Beatriz, who suffers a midlife crisis, is seduced by her gym trainer. Jessica is in a love triangle between her boyfriend and her best friend. And Juan finds out he’s about to be a father. This is the life of an ordinary family in Tijuana trying to hide secrets from each other, while living under the same roof.

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