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  • Portugal / 2014 / 24min / DCP / Colour
  • Original Title : Taprobana
  • Language : Portuguese
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Director : Gabriel Abrantes
  • Cast : Gabriel Abrantes, Jani Zhao, Natxo Checa


In this short comedy, Luis Vaz de Camoes, the greatest Portuguese renaissance poet, struggles creatively while engaging in a hedonistic, coprophagic, and drug addled lifestyle. The film follows the poet, and his lover Dinamene, as he writes his masterpiece, the epic poem Os Lusiadas. He travels from the cacophony of the Indicjungles, surrounded by allegorical elephants and rhyming macaques, to the frontier of Heaven and Hell, where he is confronted by his fantasy: fame and immortality.

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