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The Programs

Mothers, 15 Cents A Minute

  • Spain / 2011 / 52min / DVD / Spanish
  • Original Title : Madres, 0.15 El Minuto
  • Language : Spanish
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Director : Marina Seresesky
  • Screenwriter : Marina Seresesky, Julio Salvatierra
  • Cinematographer : Roberto Fernandez
  • Editor : Julio Salvatierra
  • Cast : Margarita Salvatierra Aguilera, Margarita Jarquin Espinosa, Viviana Marina Iglesias Lasso, Bernardina Silvera Huayta , Dinu Liliana, Dinu Dunitru, Matilde Colman Rivero, Panfila Redes


Is it possible to be a mother at a distance? Is it possible to educate from a booth? Women who travel thousands of miles to give a better future to their children, tell us how they live through the reality of being mothers across a telephone or a computer, making the booth their second home and transforming their voices into their most valuable resource.

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