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You Are The Apple Of My Eye

  • Taiwan / 2011 / 110min / DCP / Colour
  • Original Title : Na Xie Nian, Wo Men Yi Qi Zhui De Nu Hai
  • Language : Madarin
  • Genre : Comedy, Drama
  • Director : Giddens Ko
  • Cast : Zhendong Ke, Michelle Chen, Owodog, Chang Hsien Tsai, Sheng Yu Yen


Ko Ching-teng claims to be immune to the charms of Shen Chia-yi, the girl all his classmates are crazy about. But when Shen is ordered to tutor Ko, their friendship blossoms into something more. After graduation from senior high, Ko and Shen almost become a couple but Ko sets up a fight, which fails to impress and all deals are off.

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