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The Programs


  • South Korea / 2011 / 97min / HD Cam / Colour
  • Original Title : Babi
  • Language : Korean
  • Genre : Drama
  • Director : Lee Sang Woo
  • Cast : Kim Sae-Ron, Kim Ah-Ron, Lee Chun-Hee, Jo Yong-Seok, , Cat Tebow, Earl Jackson


Steve, an American physician, arrives at Pohang airport with his 13-year-old daughter Barbie. Steve is adopting Soon-yong for a heart transplant to save his younger daughter who has heart disease. Mangtak, Soon-yong’s uncle, is selling his niece well aware that she’s going to die. But Soon-ja, who believes in the American dream and has no idea of the truth, uses every trick in the book to be adopted in place of her sister.

How much time left before the festival starts?

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