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  • Thailand / 2011 / 5min / DVD / Colour
  • Original Title : Coax
  • Language : Thai
  • Genre : Drama, Surrealism
  • Director : Kevin VivisVisithsiri
  • Screenwriter : Kevin VivisVisithsiri
  • Cinematographer : Kevin VivisVisithsiri
  • Editor : Kevin VivisVisithsiri
  • Music : Kevin VivisVisithsiri, Red Snapper Co. Ltd
  • Cast : Jirat Oonkaew, Sikharin Langkulsen, Jiraroj Intaraphim, View Lenbury


What if .. you wake up in a room, vacant and deserted? Your friends have played a joke on you and left you there. There’s a voice from next door, a stranger. Who’s there and why is she there?

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