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The Programs

The Unreasonable Man Short Trilogy Project

  • Thailand / 2011 / 75min / Beta SP / Colour
  • Original Title : Mai Roo Mun Ke Arai Tae Chob
  • Language : Thai
  • Genre : Drama
  • Director : Supharat Boonamayam, Somchai Klemglad
  • Screenwriter : Supharat Boonmayam
  • Cinematographer : Peerawat Sangklang
  • Editor : Sarasak Panglin, Wallaya Suphab, Nutorn Kangwalkai, Suparod Post
  • Music : Kitchkat, Ipoey Studio, Desktop Eror
  • Cast : Somchai Klemglad, Pramote Sangsorn, Siriorn Mamanee, Chalit Nakpawan, Suthida Kasemsan na Ayuthaya, Nakin Sighajaturat, Piyarach Pianpan, Jakrit Chatarupwijit


A barber with a new mobile phone discovers he has received some strange missed calls. He calls back and gets only voice mail. But whose is this fascinating voice? And why does it attract him so much?    

How much time left before the festival starts?

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