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The Illusionist

  • UK, France / 2010 / 83min / 35mm / Colour
  • Original Title : L'illusionniste
  • Language : English, French, Gaelic
  • Genre : Animation Drama, Comedy
  • Director : Sylvian Chomet
  • Screenwriter : Jacques Tati, Sylvian Chomet, Henri Marquet
  • Music : Sylvian Chomet
  • Cast : Jean-Claude Donda, Tom Urie, Eilidh Rankin


An illusionist’s loneliness lifts when, working one night at a village pub on Scotland’s west coast, he meets the young and innocent Alice, who is delighted by his performance and convinced that his tricks are truly the result of magic. She follows the illusionist to Edinburgh and keeps house for him while he performs at a small theatre. Delighted by her enthusiasm, he rewards her by “conjuring up” generous presents. Unable to imagine anything worse than disappointing Alice, he is soon bankrupted by the constant present giving. This sad yet salutary romantic tale is based on a screenplay by Jacques Tati.

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