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George The Hedgehog

  • Poland / 2011 / 90min / Bluray / Colour
  • Original Title : George The Hedgehog
  • Language : Polish
  • Genre : Animation
  • Director : Wojciech Wawszczyk, Jakub Tarkowski, Tomasz Lesniak
  • Screenwriter : Rafal Skarzycki
  • Editor : Wojtek Wlodarski
  • Music : Jan Duszynski, Jacek Szymkiewicz


Decidedly for adults, “George The Hedgehog” is based on the cult Polish comic book “Jez Jerzy” and follows the eponymous skateboarding protagonist as he indulges in hedonistic behaviour and enjoys an illicit relationship with Yola, a woman living a humdrum lifestyle with her dull husband. George finds himself pursued by mad scientists and Neo-Nazi skinheads who want to clone him to create a new media sensation whereby they can control the country.

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