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Thru The Wire

  • Finland/ 1987 / 6min / 35mm / B&W
  • Original Title : Thru The Wire
  • Language : No Dialogue
  • Genre : Drama, Music
  • Director : Aki Kaurismaki
  • Screenwriter : Aki Kaurismaki
  • Cinematographer : TimoSalminen
  • Editor : Nicky Tesco, Marja-LeenaHelin, MatoValtonen, SakkeJärvenpää, SiluSeppälä, SakuKuosmanen
  • Music : JoukoLumme


Nicky escapes from a prison somewhere between Alabama and Utah - sometime in the future. He looks for his girl in various bars and hotels, but all that he sees in his new freedom is that no one cares for the future of human culture.

How much time left before the festival starts?

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