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Those Were The Days

  • Finland/ 1986 / 5min / 35mm / B&W
  • Original Title : Those Were The Days
  • Language : No Dialogue
  • Genre : Drama, Music
  • Director : Aki Kaurismaki
  • Screenwriter : Aki Kaurismaki
  • Cinematographer : TimoSalminen
  • Editor : TimoSalminen
  • Cast : The Leningrad Cowboys, KirsiTykkyläinen


Paris, 1994: As the Leningrad Cowboys sing "Those were the days," a solitary man leading a donkey is turned away at a restaurant door. He and the beast walk down to La Maison du Vin where, despite a “no donkeys” sign on the wall, they enter and he proceeds to feed the donkey with provisions from his pack.  

How much time left before the festival starts?

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