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The Programs

The Other Town

  • Turkey / 2010 / 45min / Digi Beta / Colour
  • Original Title : Oteki Kasaba
  • Language : Turkish, Greek
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Director : Nefin Dinc
  • Screenwriter : Hercules Millas
  • Cinematographer : Nefin Dinc
  • Editor : Nefin Dinc
  • Music : Loudovikos Ton Anogion


Why do neighbours fight? Why do the world’s ethnic or religious groups experience mutual hatred and suspicion? The Other Town explores the negative feelings of a Greek town, Dimitsana, and a Turkish town, Birgi, towards each other. Bitter sentiments and prejudices are widespread in both societies. Locals of all ages are caught in a web of stereotypes that impedes bilateral relationships between Turkey and Greece. As they spend time in the two towns, the documentary makers come to understand that bad relations between the two nations exist not so much due to their turbulent past, but are the result of contemporary nationalistic mentalities and education.

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