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One Lucky Elephant

  • USA / 2010 / 82min / DVD / Colour
  • Original Title : One Lucky Elephant
  • Language : English
  • Genre : Documentary, Environment
  • Director : Lisa Leeman
  • Screenwriter : Lisa Leeman, Cristina Colissimo
  • Cinematographer : Sandra Chandler
  • Editor : Kate Amend, Tchavdar Georgiev
  • Music : Miriam Cutler


One Lucky Elephant begins with circus producer David Balding’s realization that Flora, the orphaned African elephant he adopted and made the star of his circus, is tired of performing. What unfolds is a nine-year odyssey to find Flora a good home. Caught between the human and animal world, Flora epitomizes the harsh reality elephants face in our expanding man-made world. Through Flora and David’s story, the film raises questions about our complex relationships with animals, for which there are no easy answers.

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