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The Programs

Kids With Cameras

  • USA / 2009 / 52min / Format / Colour
  • Original Title : Kids With Cameras
  • Language : English
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Director : Alex Rotaru
  • Cinematographer : Alex Rotaru, Michael Stephenson
  • Editor : Alex Rotaru
  • Music : Ben Anderson, Monique Beltran
  • Cast : Ben Anderson, Dominique Beltran, Monique Beltran, Jonathan Carlander, Stephanie Greenwald, Brad Koepenick, Casey Metcalfe, Noah Niemeyer


Kids with Cameras follows the progress and challenges of a group of children, aged 11 to 19 with Autism Spectrum Disorder, as they engage in an intensive film camp taught by national award-winning educator Brad Koepenick and organized by Actors for Autism.  

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