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Cheonggyecheon Medley: A Dream of Iron

  • South Korea / 2010 / 79min / Beta SP / Colour
  • Original Title : Cheong-gye-cheon-Me-deul-li
  • Language : Korean
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Director : Kyung Kun Park
  • Screenwriter : Kyung Kun Park
  • Cinematographer : Kyung Kun Park
  • Editor : Kyung Kun Park
  • Music : Paulo VIivacqua


The narrator writes a letter to the ghost of his grandfather wondering if his recurring childhood nightmare of rusted metallic images is related to the family history. After running a scrap metal factory in Tokyo during World War II, his grandfather ended up in Seoul’s Cheonggyecheon district where small-scale run-down metal workshops still exist. Drawing clues from fragments of dreams and myths relating to metal, the film reveals the secret alchemy of third world modernity in Cheonggyecheon where this nearly obsolete hand labour still survives.

Production & Print Source

Kyungmi KIM

Tel: 1 646 925 6149


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