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The Programs

Little Jerusalem

  • France / 2005 / 94min / 35mm / Colour
  • Original Title : La Petite Jerusalem
  • Language : French, Arabic, Hebrew
  • Genre : Drama
  • Director : Karin Albou
  • Screenwriter : Karin Albou
  • Cinematographer : Laurent Brunet
  • Editor : Christiane Lack
  • Music : Cyril Morin
  • Cast : Fanny Valette, Elsa Zylberstein, Bruno Todeschini


Eighteen-year-old Laura lives with her widowed mother, sister, and brother-in-law in a Paris suburban neighbourhood often referred to as "Little Jerusalem" due to its large Jewish population. A serious student, Laura is defiant of her mother’s marital aspirations and puts all her energies into philosophy instead. But fate plays a hand and she finds herself falling in love, not with a nice Jewish boy but with Djamel, an Algerian Muslim.

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