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Seven Days in Heaven

  • Australia, Taiwan / 2010 / 93min / 35mm / Colour
  • Original Title : Fu Hou Qi Ri
  • Language : Hokkien, Madarin
  • Genre : Drama, Comedy
  • Director : Zi-Jie Liu, Yulin Wang
  • Screenwriter : Zi-Jie Liu
  • Cinematographer : Fu Shin-Ying
  • Editor : Huang Chih-Shian
  • Music : Kuo Li-Chi
  • Cast : Wang Li-Wen, Wu Peng-Fon, Chen Cha-Shiang, Tiger Chen, Po Tai, Chan Ping-Hsun


A woman returning to her village in rural Taiwan following her father’s death has little time to mourn as she becomes embroiled in the seven-day funeral ritual tradition. It is only as she sits in the airport smoking room in Hong Kong that longing for her father overwhelms her. Through the impenetrable smoke, her father seems to appear sitting next to her and is telling her to move forward with her life.  

Production & Print Source

Sales: Power Workshop

Production Company: Magnifique Creative Media


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