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The Programs

Ocean Heaven

  • China / 2010 / 96min / 35mm / Colour
  • Original Title : Haiyang Tiantang
  • Language : Madarin
  • Genre : Drama
  • Director : Xiao Lu Xue
  • Screenwriter : Xiao Lu Xue
  • Cinematographer : Christopher Doyle
  • Editor : William Chang, Hongyu Yang
  • Music : Joe Hisaishi
  • Cast : Jet Li, Wen Zhang, Lunmei Kwai, Yuanyuan Zhu


A terminally ill father's attempt to teach his autistic son the necessary life skills to survive on his own before he passes away is the focus of this poignant tribute to the infinite love that parents have for their children.

Production & Print Source

June Wu

Senior Manager - International Sales/Distribution


Catherine Shao


Asst. Manager - International Sales/Distribution

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