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Leaving Baghdad

  • Iraq, UK, United Arab Emirates / 2010 / 85min / Format / Colour
  • Original Title : Leaving Baghdad
  • Language : Arabic, English, Hungarian
  • Genre : Docudrama
  • Director : Koutaiba Al-Janabi
  • Screenwriter : Koutaiba Al-Janabi
  • Cinematographer : Koutaiba Al-Janabi
  • Editor : White Tigger
  • Music : Tom Donald
  • Cast : Attila Solymosi, Jasim Al Timimi, Rang Omar, Sadik Al Attar


Leaving Baghdad is a road movie that follows Sadik, personal cameraman to Saddam Hussein, at the end of the 1990s. Sadik is trying to escape the grip of the regime and is pursued from country to country, encountering smugglers and crooks. Suffering from paranoia and constant fear, he dreams of going to London to join his wife, who is unwilling to help. In his despair and loneliness, Sadik writes letters to his son, Semir. These letters turn into a confession, revealing Sadik's past and the real reason for his flight.  

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