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The Programs

The Beetle Soldiers

  • Indonesia / 2011 / 106min / Format / Colour
  • Original Title : Serdadu Kumbang
  • Language : Bahasa Indonesia, Sumba
  • Genre : Drama, Kid
  • Director : Ari Sihasale
  • Screenwriter : Jeremias Nyangoen
  • Cinematographer : Ical Tanjung
  • Editor : Robby Barus
  • Music : Khikmawan Santosa, Sutrisno Aksan Sjuman, Titi Sjuman
  • Cast : Ririn Ekawati, Titi Sjuman, Putu Wijaya, Asrul Dahlan, Lukman Sardi, Surya Saputra, Monica Sayangbati, Yudi Miftahudin


Last year, students in all of Indonesia nearly do not pass the national exam. Armed with that experience, teachers of elementary & junior high school 08 more to tighten the system of learning and teaching. But enforcing a rigid discipline, have an impact for students who are still in the age of growth. At least for Amek, Acan and Umbe.   Amek is one of the many students of SDN 08 who failed the exam last year. Amek is actually a good boy, but its introverted, hard-hearted and tends ignorant, making it often punished by his teachers at school. Instead his brother ‘Minun’ , he is in junior high school and always got champion in his class. He also frequently won math competitions in his village. A row of trophies and certificates they lined up in the living room. Minun is an icon of the school, family and community pride.   Minun and Amek lived with her mother, Siti, in the village Mantar. A village located dipuncak hill, away from urban areas. Siti’s husband, Zachariah, was three years working in Malaysia but never go home, let alone sending them money. Beyond the beautiful village of neat, there is a tree that is not so high but its exact beside the cliff, overlooking the sea off. People call it the tree ward about ideals. The tree is unique. Almost every branch tied with a rope that ran down due weighted edges. A piece of paper bearing the name of someone following his dream, and inserted into the bottle color - colorful trees up to the ideals it looks so beautiful.   Minun loved Amek, not only because his brother had not passed the exam last year, more than that, Amek has the disadvantage of birth, cleft lip and often the subject of jokes his friends. But behind its shortcomings are in have, God gave Amek many advantages, one of which he is adept at riding. Often people ask, what ideals Amek later? Amek never answer it, even if the teacher is asking though. Amek afraid that people would ridicule him. He is well aware, the shortage he has been distancing himself from his ideals.

How much time left before the festival starts?

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