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The Programs

Short Wave Programme 2

  • Variuos / 112min / Colour, B&W
  • Original Title : Short Wave Programme 2


La BohemeUK / 2009 / 4min / DVD / ColourDirector: Werner Herzog Two kinds of eternal beauty. Puccini's La bohème and the beautiful ear decorations of the Ethiopian Mursi tribe. Real Herzog. Uncomfortable beauty.The EarringsKyrgyzstan / 2010 / 15min / DVD / ColourDirector: Nargiza Mamatkulov According to the tradition, when a bride is asked in marriage, she receives earrings as a gift. Sometimes it would turn out that the young people were not even previously acquainted - parentswould decide for them. This film narrates a story, where the girl made her own choice.Peter In RadiolandScotland / 2009 / 10min / HD / ColourDirector: Johanna Wagner A carefully observed study of the director's father Peter, who stubbornly remains in an analogue world.Shadows of SilenceSri Lanka / 2010 / 11min / Beta SP / ColourDirector: Pradeepan Raveedran “The nightmares and realities of a depressed person who is in exile”“Shadows of Silence” is about the life in exile of a family man with three small children and wife. The film is a deeply felt look at the personal torment of an exile and the permanent presence of pain and alienation in the depths of his heart. It shows how his bleak dreams and illusions echo instead the profound isolation of a shattered mind, driving him to contemplate ending his life. First Day of WinterChile / 2010 / 18min / Mini DV / B&WDirector: Jose Luis Torres Leiva A young man wanders through town with his baby. A stop-over at his sister’s reveals what is going on. Still, there is a glimmer of hope.Eskimo KissAustralia / 2009 / 10min / HD / ColourScreenwriter: Dustin Feneley A young man with a disability brings a girl home for the first time.LightNetherlands / 2010 / 15min / Beta SP / ColourDirector: Andre Schreuders An elderly woman who realises she’s terminally ill, packs some clothes in a suitcase, puts her goldfish in a plastic bag and leaves on foot. During her lonely journey she has some intense encounters. She ends her Way of Sorrows in a monastery where she lies down in bed and refuses all food and drinkGrandma Has GonePoland / 2009 / 18min / Beta SP / ColourDirector: Tomasz JurkiewiczScreenwriter: Tomasz Jurkiewicz Jurek, a sixteen year old cottage boy, has problems at vocational school – he is a permanent liar. Soon his ability to make things up will be very useful to him. After his granny, who is very close to him, is taken to hospital, Jurek has to deal with his father, who is an alcoholic. A moving story about dreams and coming to terms with lot.Shinda GaijinThailand, Japan / 2010 / 12min / HD / ColourDirector: Kong PahurakScreenwriter: Kong Pahurak A young girl comes home after a hard days work and to her surprise she finds the body of a foreigner in her bathtub. Alone and without help, the girl comes up with a way to dispose of the body. However, the task was not as easy to do as it sounds, because the body mysteriously keeps reappearing night after night! Shinda Gaijin is a horror-dark comedy-parody of our present day workaholic society…You’re The Stranger HereEngland / 2009 / 17min / HD / ColourDirector: Tom Geens A story about a middle-aged woman with a crazy leg. She lives in a fascist regime where people with her condition get shot on the spot. Inspired by the courageous death of one of her fellow sufferers, she goes on an all or nothing quest to change the world, falling in love with her executor in the process.

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