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The Programs

SEA Shorts

  • Variuos / 117min / Colour, B&W
  • Original Title : Southeast Asian Short Films


CagesVietnam / 2010 / 6min / Mini DV / ColourDirector: Keith Halstead On a quite afternoon in steamy Hanoi a man quietly contemplates his collection of caged birds. As he does so, and recognises the imbalance in feelings between him for them and them for him, a parallel is drawn between his hobby and the general nature of human relationships.. FoundCanada, Laos / 2009 / 6min / Mini DV / ColourDirector: Paramita Nath Using biographical text, animation, old photos, home videos, and narrated poetry this visually rich film meditates on the theme of reconnecting to one's past and trying to decipher its impact on the present. In 1978, Toronto-poet Souvankham Thammavongsa’s parents lived in a Lao refugee camp in Thailand, where she was born. Her father kept a scrapbook filled with doodles, addresses, postage stamps, maps and measurements. He threw this scrapbook out one day and when he did, she took it and found this…   It's Not Raining OutsideIndonesia / 2009 / 16min / Beta SP / ColourDirector: Yosep Anggi Noen A couple of furniture store employees have to deliver a sofa to a customer. But they find themselves trapped in a situation of immature love affair.   Love Me Love My DogThailand / 2010 / 8min / HD / ColourDirector: Wasunan Hutawach The story about relationship of a girl and her dog.   One Day In JuneSingapore / 2010 / 10min / HD / ColourDirector: Daniel Hui Melancholy on a day in June. Circumstances force a mother and daughter to live together once again; each copes in her own way. In long, poetic shots, the sorrow and loneliness are tangible. MickeySingapore / 2010 / 19min / HD / ColourDirector: Wesley Leon Aroozoo A film about science and love. Slowly fading away, slowly closing our eyes then slowly escaping the need. Mickey lastly stops, and gives up. Do Not LookPhilippines / 2010 / 8min / HD / ColourDirector: Pam Miras A father & his two young daughters , travel through a war-torn area. The father explains to his eldest why they need to shield the youngest from what's really happening around them. The eldest finally understands and vows to protect her sister. But how far will she go to keep her promise?   After The WindThailand / 2010 / 19min / HD / ColourDirector: Tulapop Sanjaroen Won and Waew, twin sisters, spend their leisure running, talking, and enjoying music. Waew is going to study abroad. One easy afternoon, they have a conversation about what's behind the sky.   The BoySingapore / 2010 / 18min / HD / ColourDirector: Mark Tan "A teenage boy is listless and alone. Beneath his life of Singaporean privilege lies a mysterious absence. As an apparent sleep disorder disrupts his fragile world, guilt and desire give way to a futile yet tender longing." All That RemainsThailand / 2010 / 8min / HD / ColourDirector: Wichanon Somumjarn The story is about childhood memories of a man streaming out like a waving sea. Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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