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The Programs

The Heart of the Bear

  • Estonia / 2001 / 123 min
  • Original Title : Karu Suda
  • Director : Arvo Iho


Nika, a young Estonian, decides to renounce city and civilization for a back-to-nature life as a hunter in the remote, rugged Russian north. A local native tribe schools him in the myths and traditions of the forest, but a series of unexpected romantic entanglements – a local girl he rejects because she’s underage; a Polish-Russian schoolteacher who ardently pursues him; and a feral woman of the forest who tempts him – complicate his search for a life of simplicity. He begins to confuse the myths of the north with its often harsh realities, and has a glimpse into the dark side of his own soul.

How much time left before the festival starts?

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