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The Programs

Prop & Berta

  • Denmark / 2001 / 73min
  • Original Title : Prop & Berta
  • Director : Per Fly


What do you do if your neighbour is a witch whose greatest wish is to be the most evil creature in the world? This is the problem facing Prop, the protagonist of this puppet film, when he inherits a cottage in the forest. Not only is the witch out to get him; the local villagers aren't keen on his presence either, because the witch's ire also affects them. However, Prop is fond of his new home and decides it is worth fighting for. Luckily he can call on his friend Berta, the temperamental talking cow, for assistance - and four small trolls, the Cranburpers, as the witch has plenty of wicked spells up her sleeve. A film adventure in which the forces of good battle the forces of evil, and humour usually wins the day. Not short on imagination when it comes to the well-thought-out sets or the beautifully animated puppets, this film imbues its characters with colourful comedy, particularly the crazy cow, Berta, delightful in all her childish unpredictability.

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