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In His Eyes

  • Italy / 2001 / 90 min
  • Original Title : L'educazione di Giulio
  • Director : Claudio Bondi


1931. Torino, on a chilly, winter day. Giulio Carlo Argan, an 18 year old boy, is busy writing notes on the medical record of an inmate lodged within the Female Institute for the Mentally Disturbed. He spends every afternoon in the warmth of the library, with daily assignments coming from his father Ettore, chief administrator of the city's Sanitorium. Ettore lives with his wife and son in an apartment inside the hospital, and refers to Giulio as his natural heir, appointed to follow his steps upon his upcoming retirement. Giulio, however, seems to show little interest in his father's profession, losing himself in fascinating conversations about love with a patient who cites obscure philosophers and poets. Until, one day, a mysterious young girl is taken in. She looks and acts very different from the women walking about the Institute, most of which are prostitutes rejected by the street or old peasants, disheartned by their age and state of mind. Giulio's interest in the new girl is void of any professional curiosity. His attraction towards her marks his accidental approach to manhood, introducing him to a new kaleidoscope of feelings and emotions. Troubled days will follow, and love shall witness yet another untamed heart. A recipe to happiness, IN HIS EYES is the final result of a man's dreams and desires.

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