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  • Poland / 2002 / 100 min
  • Original Title : Edi
  • Director : Piotr Trzaskalshi


Day in day out, two homeless men Edi and Jureczek schlep their handcart full of scrap metal across the town. Edi also collects books, which he reads avidly and prizes as his most cherished treasure. And just for this reason two ruthless brothers, local gangsters, decide to make him a tutor of their teenage sister “Princess”. Edi is also to watch over her to ward off eventual suitors. Yet the girl is soon in the family way. In order to hide the true identity of the father, she says it was Edi. Edi accepts his fate with humility. This story, inspired with the philisophy of the East, is about humility, devotion, good, and acceptance of one’s fate no matter what it brings.

How much time left before the festival starts?

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