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East Timor : Betrayal and Resurrection

  • USA / 2002 / 90 min
  • Original Title : East Timor : Betrayal and Resurrection
  • Director : Ted Folke


EAST TIMOR: BETRAYAL AND RESURRECTION is a feature documentary about the dramatic struggle of the East Timorese people to achieve self-determination, as they fight their way through a labyrinth of seemingly impossible obstacles, brutal adversaries, cynical betrayals and international indifference.It is also a comedy of errors of about how the international community, through the offices of the United Nations, attempted to create an independent, self- reliant nation from the ashes of an impoverished tropical island , armed with $500 million from the World Bank and the ghost of the White Man's Burden.When a horde of affluent foreigners descend upon any former Third World colony, no matter what their intentions, there will be distrust and suspicion on all sides.In an attempt to reflect this violent clash of cultures, the film will employ a multi-tiered narrative structure which will serve to contrast the experiences of the international UN Staff members and NGO representatives and the East Timorese as they struggle to re-build the country together.

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