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The Programs

Beyond the Mirage

  • Taiwan / 2002 / 56 min
  • Original Title : Beyond the Mirage
  • Director : Yang Li-chou


This is a Hollywood production of the behind-the-sceen documentary for “Double Vision” , shot on location in Taiwan.Taiwan was hit by 9 major typhoons in the year 2001, which brought record amout of rain. In this same year, Hollywood brought its talents and financial resources to Taiwan for the first time in history...Although this behind-the-sceens documentary boasts many internationally acclaimed cast, but the documentary acclaimed cast, but the documentary retains its objectivity through the support of director Chen Kuo-fu. What a question should we reflect upon in a cooperative international production like this and when Hollywood’s prolific movie industry comes to Taiwan, where the movie industry is almost non-existent? Like the typhoons that blew across Taiwan during filming, besides leaving a lot of rain behind, what did it bring?A dark comedy full of surprises.

How much time left before the festival starts?

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