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The Programs

My Sweet Little Village

  • Czechoslovakia / 1985 / 98min
  • Original Title : Vesnicko Ma Strediskova
  • Director : Jiri Menzel


A comedy filled with the humor of Zdenek Sverak (Kolya) and strengthened by Menzel sense of the poetic and prosaic in the everyday. Krecovice, the main village of the region, is coming to life early one morning. Early riser Pavek, the driver of a cooperative truck, is walking to work accompanied by a mentally handicapped deliveryman named Otik. Fatherly Pavek gives Otik some ear protectors in order to pin down his protruding ears. Otik puts them on and lies down in the bed of the truck. Unfortunately, an inattentive scoop driver covers him in sand. . . . While tooling along in his Skoda, a local doctor feasts his eyes on the landscape and recites Karel Hynek Macha_s May. He doesn_t come out of his euphoria until he lands himself in a ditch. . . . Loaded with sand and relying on Otik_s directions, Pavek starts backing the truck up. Otik, however, can_t take his eyes off a scantily dressed woman and Pavek slams into a gatepost. That_s the last straw! Pavek has already had enough trouble and angrily announces to the chairman of the cooperative that after the harvest he and Otik are through. . . .

How much time left before the festival starts?

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