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The Programs

This Side of Heaven

  • China / 2002 / 110 min
  • Original Title : This Side of Heaven
  • Director : Chen Jie


Believing to leave downtown to work in factory, a young teenager lands in a quasi deserted place where a man and his handicapped brother live. She includes/understands whereas she was sold, like the other girls of her group, by an intermediary which violates it. She tries to flee, but in this sorry place she loses herself. Caught up with and brought back to the farm, it ends up being resigned. Soon pregnant, she wants to fall through, but the local medical authority refuses. The destiny of the girl becomes emblematic then situation of the girls in China, where it is difficult for them to exist. Do While immigrating to the city from her hometown, Qiaoqiao is kidnapped and sold have has wife to Dahong?

How much time left before the festival starts?

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