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The Missing Gun

  • China / 2002 / 120min
  • Original Title : Xin Qiang
  • Director : Chuan Lu


China is but one of several Asian countries where new and exciting things are happening. What separates the new generation from the previous one is first and foremost form; the sixth generation shows a wider range in terms of form and style. 
The plot is simple stuff: a respected and likeable policeman loses his gun in a small, rural village, and that’s when all hell breaks loose. The gun must be found, and the hunt is on. The village is turned upside down, the Hitchcock-like paranoia flows freely, and eventually every villager the policeman meets is a suspect… 
The Missing Gun is a light and hugely entertaining film and has been compared to such diverse films as Tykwer’s Run Lola Run, Sabu’s Postman Blues and Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave, among others.

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