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The Programs

Love at 7-11

  • Taiwan / 2002 / 97 min
  • Original Title : 7-11 Zhi Lian
  • Director : Teng Yung Shing


Escaping her abusive, good for nothing, jailbird boyfriend, Hsiao Feng runs away and takes a job at a 7-11, hoping to settle into a more simple life. The highlight of her day is the daily routine of the disciplined Tsai, a writer, lyricist and filmmaker, who comes in at precisely 10:30 every morning, with the exact amount of change. But her triad-involved ex-boyfriend soon tracks her down and Hsiao Feng finds herself caught up once again in the middle of a tumultuous relationship. Longing for an escape and a chance at true love, she leaves her phone number

How much time left before the festival starts?

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