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  • Indonesia / 2002 / 120 min.
  • Original Title : A Courtesan
  • Director : Nia diNata


Ca-bau-kan is an epic film based on the novel by a prominent Indonesian writer Remy sylado. The story began with the arrival of Giok Lan – an indonesian woman living in the Netherlands – who came back to Indonesia in search of her roots.The film then is furthur narrated though flashbacks revealing her parents life. Eventually, she found out that her mother, Tinung, an Indonesian village woman, was a ‘cabaukan’. The word ‘cabaukan’ itself was very popular those days to describe a woman friend with a darker connotation. Cabaukan is a courtesan that entertains Chinese men in colonial Indonesia. Giok Lan’s father, Tan Peng Liang, was an immigrant Chinese merchant who had a very successful tobacco business in Batavia.This film mostly set Batavia, between 1930 – 1950. It unfolds the last story of Tinung and Tan Peng Liang. Because of the difference in social and cultural background, The love of Tinung and Tan Peng liang had to pass a journey of betrayals.However, at the end Giok Lan has found out the truth. Her parents love has managed to survive through the test of timeWithin 32 years of Soeharto regiem in Indonesia, a film that involves Chinese related issues were banned by the government. Now, in the Indonesian reform era, Cabaukan is the first movie that revolves around the Indonesian – Chinese community.

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