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This My Land

  • 2002 /India/ 107 min
  • Original Title : Aamaar Bhuvan
  • Director : Mrinal Sen


Far away from the urban hubbub, it all happens in a quiet village. Shakhina, is a 28-year-old woman living with her second husband Meher and three children. They are poor but happy. Her first husband Noor had also remarried, but severe financial problems forced him to send his wife to her parents and go to the Gulf to look for work as a carpenter. Over the years he made money and got his confidence back. He returned to his village and continued to prosper.

Noor still loves Shakhina and feels guilty for the problems his elder brother caused in his marriage, that led to the divorce. Noor and Shakhina also have a few secrets between them, which they have been preserving with tenderness since the days of their short married life. But in no way do they affect Shakhinaís relationship with Meher. Finally, at an inescapable moment, all three, as well as Noorís wife,
arrive at a truth that leads them to rediscover themselves.

How much time left before the festival starts?

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