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The Name of The River

  • India / 2001 / 90 min
  • Original Title : Ekti Nadir Naam
  • Director : Anup Singh


The Name of the River presents the picaresque travels of two actors, a man and a woman, playing the role of refugees, divine beings, and literary and cinematic characters. They keep meeting and parting, taking on and discarding incarnations, as they journey over rivers and borders, through cities and history, forests and memory, mountains and myths, seeking answers to simple questions: What is a refugee? Who is not a refugee? Shall we continue on the journey? Or make a
new home? And this time is the home forever? However, the space within which these actors have decided to perform, the space within which their questions formulate themselves, is curiously familiar. Some of the images, strands of story, dialogue, certain debates, some of the actors, even some of the characters are familiar. They are from the cinema of Ritwik Ghatak.

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