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My Best Fiend

  • UK / 1999 / 95min
  • Original Title : Mein liebster Feind
  • Director : Werner Herzog


A chain of coincidence brings the 13-year-old Werner Herzog together with Klaus Kinski in the same apartment in Munich. In an unabated, 48-hour fit of rage, Kinski immediately proceeds to lay waste to all the furniture, only one of many such fits to follow. Herzog therefore knows what awaits him when, some years later, he engages Kinski to work with him on AGUIRRE, THE WRATH OF GOD, their first film together. Four more films will follow. MY BEST FIEND is a film about the love-hate relationship between Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski - utterly puzzling to outsiders - about deep trust between an actor and a director, and their independently and simultaneously hatched plans to murder one another.

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