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A Story That Begins At the End

  • India / 2003 / 90 min
  • Original Title : Arimpara
  • Director : Murali Nair


Krishnaunni is the descendant of a rich feudal family whose fortunes have dwindled, but there is still enough to ensure that he and his family live comfortably.One day Krishnaunni’s wife Suma spots a mole under his lower lip. In spite of all kinds of treatment, the wart keeps growing bigger and bigger till he is forced to withdraw from social life.When the wart stars oozing, Suma leaves him and takes their son with her. Only faithful servant Chathan and his wife Kaali stay back to look after Krishnaunni.Eventually, the wart grows bigger than his face, and seems to control his life. It grows to the size of an elephant and Krishnaunni reduced to the size of a worm

How much time left before the festival starts?

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