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  • 2002 / Japan / 119min / Color
  • Original Title : Aiki
  • Director : Daisuke Tengan


Immediately after his spectacular pro-boxing debut, young boxer Taichi is injured in a motorcycle accident and paralyzed from waist down. For Taichi, who only feels alive when he’s fighting, life in a wheelchair without boxing is an unbearable fate. Taichi sinks into depression, drives away his girlfriend, his friends, even his kind-hearted sister. Then Taichi meets a mysterious itinerant gambler Samako and a master of AIKI-Jujutsu. Taichi learns the philosophy of AIKI-“By accepting your opponent, control your opponent.” At the same time, Samako accepts Taichi as he is. Taichi, who previously thought only of knocking down his opponents, learns the concept of acceptance and takes his first steps toward the future.

How much time left before the festival starts?

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