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The Programs

Motherland Hotel

  • Turkey / 1986 / 110 min / Colour
  • Original Title : Anayurt Oteli
  • Director : Omer Kavur


A highly creative adaptation of a novel by Yusuf Atilgan, this wonderful work of magic realism is a riveting psychological tale of loneliness ... Zebercet has inherited the sprawling old Motherland Hotel from his parents. It is a huge, unwieldy building and taking care of it does little to alleviate his constant feeling of abandonment and isolation. One day, a woman comes by the train from Ankara to spend one single night at the hotel. On leaving the following day, she announces she will return in a week. Zebercet hardly knows what to do with himself until her return, but when the time has elapsed and the woman does not reappear, his passion gradually becomes an obsession. Zebercet starts falling to pieces in a most preoccupying way, revealing a psychopathic personality below his melancholy, reserved exterior.

How much time left before the festival starts?

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