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  • Turkey: / 2005 / 90 min / Colour
  • Original Title : Gelibolu
  • Director : Tolga Ornek


On April 25th, 1915, an allied army made up of soldiers from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, India and France landed to capture Gallipoli. This decision led to one of the largest landing operations in history and one of the bloodiest and controversial battles of World War I. It changed nations forever.      Turkish soldiers aided by their German allies dug in to defend their homeland. For nine months opposing armies attacked and counterattacked each other in a fierce struggle that challenge not only the solidiersí endurance but also their humanity. They batted with each other; with disease, with the harsh climate and terrain, and with the horrific sights of modern warfare, which was very different from what they had expected. Despite their hardship, the soldiers went on with unprecedented dignity, courage, and tenacity. They captured their experience in thousands of diaries, letters, and photographs. This is their story told through their own words.

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