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The Programs

Live Your Dream

  • Germany / 2005 / 94 min / Colour
  • Original Title : Playa del Futuro
  • Director : Peter Lichtefeld


Jan, Rudi and Kati have been friends for many years and work together in Rudi's pub in a small German town. When Rudi follows Rosa, the lady of his dreams, to Spain, Jan takes over Rudi's pub and Kati agrees to be his partner. They redecorate the place and Kati falls in love with Jan. When the couple is about to reopen for business, the bailiff turns up. Rudi forgot to mention the pile of debt he left behind. Kati turns away from Jan and contemplates giving up and going back to Finland, but Jan decides to stay. He can postpone disaster for three days, resolving to settle Rudiís debt, for that seems to be the only way he can get back his restaurant and Kati's heart. The paths of those three and the Hungarian L?zl?, the Spanish Ana, and the Cuban Rosa cross on the dusty plains of Andalusia and their lives take a new turn. Playa del Futuroís message is one that appeals instantly to audiences: happiness is not bound by age or nationality and sometimes it lies well off the beaten track. Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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