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The Programs

Turn Left At the End of the World

  • Israel, France / 2004 / 108min / Colour
  • Original Title : Haolam Smola
  • Director : Avi Nesher


In the late 1960s, in a tiny Israeli village isolated, two immigrant families from Morocco and India become neighbours. They share nothing but a dream. And as they are forced to live together, the two communities attempt to build a sense of identity. In order to assert their imperial identity, the Indians from the village put together a rag tag cricket team. The Moroccans, who take the game as a ritualistic act of condensation, do their utmost to disrupt it. Meanwhile, each family has a teenage daughter negotiating the landscape of the sexual revolution. When the sultry Moroccan Nicol and the heady Indian Sara Become friends, their youth and desire for freedom help them overcome prejudices. In this isolated place, the road to harmony twists with many surprises. Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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