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The Programs

ThaiIndie Programme: Light

  • Thailand / 2006
  • Original Title : ThaiIndie Programme: Light


  Take a Messege2005 / 17 min. / Fiction Director: May-thus Chaichayanon SynopsisA story about lovers who use VCDs to communicate with each other.Before Director: Samart Suwannarat 2005 / 12 min. / Experimental / No DialogueSynopsisIn our modern lifestyle, many factors make us forget the importance of relationships and the beauty of life. Although there is no apparent problem, it’s never too late to begin questioning our society before everything gets worse.   The Table's Space2006 / 13 min. / Fiction Director: Nisha JurairattanapornSynopsisWhy are girls and boy always fighting?The Massage2006 / 4 min. / Animation / No DialogueDirector: Thawatpong TangsajjapojSynopsisA baker enjoys massaging a lump of flour, which becomes his 'mate'. Finally, he creates a surreal family all made from flour.Painless Sex?2005 / 9 min. / Fiction Directos: Chukiat Wongsuwan & Narumon Jaisa-ardSynopsis A film about sexual desire. Upper Story2005 / 5 min. / Experimental / No DialogueDirector: Pathompon TesprateepSynopsis This is a moment which could not give notice that blissful or not at the time .However ,there were several layers at that moment, drift and loop confusedly .It occurs because of attempts which keep balance or repression of the emotion between satisfaction to be and unconscious desires, are liberated and expressed in daily life, so this work is a way to depict my observations Yuriem est le mari d'un e'trangere2006 / 30 min. / Fiction Director: Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit SynopsisAfter getting out of an air-raid shelter, a mysterious girl smoked in a field. Besides, Yuriem is a foreigner’s husband. You are where I belong to2006 / 10 min. / Documentary Director: Thunska PansittivorakulSynopsisWherever I go...I am thinking of you.Different Degree2006 / 10 min. / Documentary Director: Monchai Chatbumrungsuk SynopsisThe story of Tua Lek, a DJ at a community radio station, and her boyfriend - a motorcycle racer - and how fate brings them together. Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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