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The Programs

Reconcilliation Short Film Programme 2

  • Thailand / 2006
  • Original Title : Reconcilliation Short Film Programme 2


Thada2006 / 19 min. / FictionDirector: Saree LhachonnabotSynopsisTada is a Muslim but he is selected to be the representative of a school to compete in a Buddhist History competiton in a town that misunderstood his father.Pornoh School2006 / 12 min. / DocumentaryDirector: Haris MaschaySynopsisA documentary that proves that the "Pornoh School" is a peaceful environment that the students are taught to be good men -  not terrorists.Like Friends2006 / 19 min. / FictionDirectors: Nattharin Boonchu, Piyanut WisootrSynopsisA Buddhist monk who is forced to leave the temple accidentally meets a Muslim on the road. Both of them have their own problems, but after talking about their lives, everything changes.In Between2006 / 42 min. / DocumentaryDirector: Panu AreeSynopsisA documentary about four Muslims in Bangkok and how they feel about being Muslims.The Meaningless Line2006 / 11 min. / FictionDirectors: Suphachai Thongsak, Kwankaew KetpholSynopsisA group of children are seemingly happy playing together, but slowly the games become more violent and soon the playground turns into a battlefield. Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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