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The Programs

Reconcilliation Short Film Programme 1

  • Thailand / 2006
  • Original Title : Reconcilliation Short Film Programme 1


From Peace to Peace 2006 / 9 min. / ExperimentalDirector: Santiphap Inkong-ngamSynopsisThe opinions from a group of people whose name is Santipab (which means "peace" in Thai). But it's not just a name, it's a movement.Dream Team 2006 / 20 min. / FictionDirector: Mawin LeesenSynopsisA novice monk and a Muslim boy share a passion for their beloved Liverpool Football Club. But their friendship is destroyed by a terrible circumstance. Weight of a Gun2006 / 24 min. / FictionDirectors: Sasa Kongvichit, Norathep KongvichitSynopsisA young man is traumatised by the death of his neighbours - who have been murdered. He don't trust anyone anymore, so he decides to buy a gun. But is this really an answer?On My Way2006 / 5 min. / AnimationDirector: Rutt JumpamuleSynopsisA boy encounters a viscious dog on the way home. His is terrified. How can he get out of this situation?Wat Na Proe School2006 / 8 min. / DocumentaryDirectors: Suwisal Kwanthongchum, Khun Phra Chuay GroupSynopsisA documentary showing how Thai Buddhists and Thai Muslims live together in Ampur Jana, Songklha.Hamburger Boy2006 / 30 min. / FictionDirector: Siwadol RatheeSynopsisKhan, Boy, Meng and handicapped Johnny, are shunned by their classmates and are forced to find their own way of showing their ability.Good Morning2006 / 19 min. / FictionDirector: Monsak HinpakobSynopsisA young soldier from Chaiyapom, who is sent to the restive south, has to meet a rubber grower in Naratiwat every day - but the relationship is fraught with difficulties Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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